Beyonce Music Video  (SFX Supervisor)


Kindred Movie (SFX)


Code ABC Miniseries (Armouring)


Weapons Consultant Opera Australia


Armourer Opera Australia


Replica Weapons Supply Opera Australia


Storm Surfers 3D camera rigs


Devils Dust TVS (SFX Supervisor)


Nickelodeon Kids Choice awards: (Special Builds and Event)


Factor TVS (SFX Supervisor)


Holden Jet Pack TVC  


Woolworths TVC




Dare Milk TVC 2011


Small Time Gangster TVC (Armourer)


Mad Max   Fury Road (engineering and manufacture of 3D cameras)


Review with Miles Barlow (SFX Supervisor, Armourer)


Virgin  Richard Branson TVC)


Underbelly Series 2 (SFX Supervisor, armorer)


Underbelly series 3 (SFX Supervisor, armorer)


Commonwealth Bank TVC


Q-Dance design and engineering of specialist stage rigs)


Gut Foundation TVC SFX supervisor)


Home & Away (2009)(SFX Supervisor, armourer)


All Saints (SFX Supervisor, armourer)


Carlton Skyshow (SFX Supervisor, Stunts, Special Build, Construction)


Asian Games Doha (design and engineering of Golden Falcon, special builds)


Chasing Nature (TV) (workshop, SFX, crew, builds, and fabrication)


Superman Returns (onset armory, special weapons construction)


Anacondas; the Hunt for the Blood Orchid: (SFX Supervisor, Supervising Armourer )


Danny Deckchair:  (SFX Supervisor)


The Nugget (SFX consultant)


Johnny Walker (TVC) (underwater crew, rigging, SFX supervisor)


Kangaroo Jack: (SFX supervisor)


Red Planet (SFX Supervisor)


When Good Ghouls Go Bad (TV) (SFX, animatronics)


Mission Impossible11 (camera rig and design)


Farscape (SFX Supervisor)


Airtight (TV) (SFX)


First Daughter (TV) (SFX)


Airtight (SFX)


Two Hands (SFX Supervisor, Armorer)


Dark City (SFX Supervisor, miniatures photography)


Babe II: Pig in the City (SFX Supervisor, animatronics)


Robinson Crusoe -Daniel Defoe’s (SFX foreman, armory)


The Beast -Peter Benchlys TV) (SFX Supervisor)


Race the Sun (SFX Supervisor)


Gai Jin (TV) (SFX Supervisor)


Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie (SFX Supervisor)


Rapa Nui (Australian SFX Supervisor)


The Piano (rigging co-coordinator/underwater SFX)


Fortress (SFX Supervisor, armory)


Stephen Kings –Tommy knockers (TV) (SFX Supervisor


Time Guardian (SFX Supervisor)


Burke and Wills (SFX Supervisor/ visual effects supervisor)


Razorback (SFX, creature fabrication, animatronics)


BMX Bandits (SFX Supervisor)


The Thorn Birds (TV Series) (SFX Foreman)


Pirate Movie (SFX Supervisor)


Kitty and the Bagman


Mad Max11 (SFX action props)


The Return of Captain Invincible (special props)


Hostage (special props)


Cross Talk (mechanical props)


Silver City (visual effects)














Red Planet SFX Supervisor,suit and spaceship design.

Feature Film ,TVC  and Events  Credits