Carlton Skyshow

SFX Supervisor :Design, build and operate all of the systems to simulate the underwater schooling movement and dolphin leaps.

Johnny Walker Fishball

SFX Supervisor :Special vehicle riggs,fire, dust effects.

CBA Dare To Be Differant

SFX Supervision, design, build and operate beer bottles of various sizes. SFX Supervisor:Design and build Tallmen movement systems/ choreography SFX Supervisor

The Gut Foundation TVC

Tooheys Tallmen

SFX Supervisor /models.

Capitol One Rockets

Come Dine With Me (Exploding Food)

Big Pond Men In Black

BP Men in Black TVC (Armoury) Rig And explode food with differant grades of explosives (it was a blast:)

Richard Branson Virgin Money Promo

Rig and Explode Hero Vehicle

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