CombatFX: Battlefield SFX


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Providing high end special effects is one of the most challenging and technically demanding of all fields.


It will often require events such as fires, explosions, gun play, vehicle crashes, building and structural collapse and large scale natural phenomenon to take place.


This is often surrounded by extremely valuable personnel and assets, such as world famous actors and directors, crowds of men, women and children, and millions of dollars worth of delicate equipment.


This is frequently staged in the middle of downtown New York, Sydney or places of great environmental sensitivity such as national parks or coral reefs


At the end of the day everyone must walk away having left the personnel, equipment and environment unscathed, intact and safe.


With this varied experience, creating the combat division of Pride Studios (CombatFX) ,was an obvious natural extension.


CombatFX maintains a full range of Special Effects equipment including wind machines, smoke machines, fire equipment, rain rigs and consumables for atmospheric effects.


For more information on CombatFX please contact CombatFX Director Dyan Moore, MOB: 0405 167 024 or go to

MST 2009 CombatFX Director on 50 cal.